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We can teach using desktop application or web application or mobile application to develop church membership program apps

This is Teenagers and Youth Programs

Why are Teenagers ?

They are future of church

What is our goals and outcomes ?

To Transform lonely, bored and addictive young age to prospective christian programmer


IT 4 GOD Club


IT 4 GOD Club

New Story of IT 4 GOD Club

IT4 God Club is a sharable concept, a dream together, a reality that is made realization and a sharable ministry plan. IT 4 God Club is you and me and us and we.

Select Programs :

Which Projects and Skills do you want to learn ?

Developing E Learning Apps

 We will learn how to build simple E Learning Apps. This Apps can be used for Christian E-Learning or for Education system.

Developing Church Website

We will learn how to develop a website for church. In this pandemic time, many churches need to broadcast the message of the gospel

Creating Virtual Video Choir

In this multimeda and digital age and pandemic time, many christian can learn how to create Virtual Video Choir

Developing Bible Apps

By the grace of God, we have an experienced to build MySABDA Study Bible App so we can teach the principle of making the Bible Apps ( its lite version )

Developing Music Apps

Do you want to build Music Apps that can play Music, have a score database and also lyrics ? You can use for church, ministry or for your own Music Apps !

Developing Church Apps

 We can teach you how to build church Apps so every activity in church from sermon to announcement can be achieved there !

Developing Devotionals Apps

To growth in faith, we need to meditate the Word of God daily. If you want to build the devotionals Apps, we can teach you !

Developing Counseling Apps

Nowadays, many people need counseling. Do you want to build Counseling Apps ? We can teach you to build that !

Developing Church Membership Apps

We can teach using desktop application or web application or mobile application to develop church membership program apps

Developing Video Apps for Ministry

Do you want to build Apps like Netflix or Disney Hotstar and use it for ministry ? We can held you to develop App similiar to this !

Developing Bible Assistant

You can learn how to build Assistant similar to Amazon Alex or Siri or Google Assistant to read the Bible using Python. This short project is cool one !

Android and IOS Apps for Ministry

We use React Native as Cross Platform Technology to develop Ministry App in Android and IOS ( Iphone ). Let's join us and learn together !

Python Programming

We will learn Python Programming Language. Python is a popular programming language. It is a widely-used, interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level programming language with dynamic semantics,...

The Teachers

Who other teachers will train your IT Club in your cities ?

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. ( Ephesians 2:10 )